How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Cloth Hanger

You have probably realized how important it is to store your clothes properly. Getting the right wall cloth hanger can have a huge difference between destroying your clothes and having an organized closet.

Plastic Hangers

These hangers are available in a range of colors, styles, and shapes. They are smooth, tabular hangers that add color to the closet. You will find these hangers to be ideal for polo shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and casual blouses. Make sure you check the quality of the cloth hanger before purchasing it. Most of the cheap hangers are made of low-quality plastic. Therefore, their seams tend to snag clothes.

Wooden Hangers

If you want your closet to make a statement, you should go for wooden hangers. Like their plastic counterparts, they are available in a range of styles to suit different types of clothing. For instance, curved, thick hangers are designed for tailored suits, jackets, knits, robes, and sweaters. That is because their curves help protect the form of the garment and provide the support heavier jackets and suits need.

Non-Slip Hangers

These types of hangers are meant to protect garments from falling off. As a result, they are ideal for strappy styles and silky materials. Just like their wooden and plastic hangers, these are meant to hold skirts, pants, and shirts.

Metal Hangers

If you need hangers that are durable and strong, then look no further. These hangers create a chic addition to your closet, guest closet, or office reception room. You will find them available in a range of attractive finishes.

Acrylic Hangers

These hangers are designed to give your closet the look of a luxurious boutique. In addition, they are designed to hold a range of clothes from skirts to coats.

Cedar Hangers

These are a special type of wooden hangers. If you are concerned that your plastic or wooden hangers are being infested with pests and moisture, then you should opt for cedar hangers. You should note that cedar naturally repels pests and absorbs excess moisture.

Tiered Hangers

If you have limited space in your room, you should go for multiple or tiered hangers. These hangers can hold your clothing in a minute amount of space.

Padded Hangers

These are designed for evening wear or delicate knits. You will find these hangers available in different attractive colors. Also, these hangers are unique due to their padding. You should opt for these hangers to pamper your jackets, special outfits, and costumes.

Kids’ Hangers

It is advisable to use cloth hangers meant for children’s clothes. This will help prolong the life of children’s clothing. Avoid using adult-sized hangers as they tend to stretch out kids’ clothes. Most of these hangers have slots and hooks that are useful for storing clothing and accessories.


Sometimes even the best quality hangers do not do much if you do not have a closet. In addition to choosing a wall mounted hangers, you should make your closet accessible and convenient to use most out of the space.



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